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Full-stack developer active in the tech industry since 2004. Worked at different-sized tech companies ranging from start-up to global. Studied and worked hard to keep up with Internet’s changes in the last 15 years. Strong team player. Expert in HTML, CSS and JS, intermediate in C# ASP.NET, and familiar with Photoshop and Wordpress. Fast learner able to adapt and integrate new ideas and requirements into new or existing technology.


Move Sales, Inc (Moving.com / Realtor.com)

Moving.com Home Page

Moving.com is the main lead aggregator for Move Sales, Inc when it comes to people moving within the US.

This website's high traffic is estimated at over 5000 visitors a month. With a variety of services to offer such as moving companies, truck rentals, storage, auto transport, international movers, piano movers and much more, this has to be a user-friendly site.

In a time span of almost 7 years, Moving.com was transformed from its 1990s look and feel to be a modern looking site that can rendered nicely in all screen sizes.

One of the first projects was to implement a transitional design until its final and complete design was ready in 2014. As this new design was being applied to all sections of the site, it was also being transformed to be a mobile-friendly site. Google's deadline to make Moving.com responsive was met with only 4 weeks left.

Moving Cost Calculator

This Moving Cost Calculator tool is the second most used and one of the most visited pages within Moving.com.

The idea for this tool came from traffic data that showed that many users were not really looking to move, but simply to estimate how much it would cost from one city to the other.

In order to make this idea a reality, the team in charge of development, which included myself, had to explore and think of all possible cases to make this tool simple and easy to use. The result, a tool that ended up generating more leads since it provided users with the information they needed to make a decision before moving.

Packing Calculator

Moving.com already had a packing calculator tool, however, it was outdated. A fresh look was required as well as changes to its main functions and calculations.

Upgrades to this tool were implemented after changes to the Moving Cost Calculator were made. When it comes to moving, which has been proven to be an stressful experience, Moving.com, and the developers find it, strive to offer useful, helpful and dependable tools to all its users.

This upgrade resulted in another success that generated more leads and increased traffic.

Move Planner

Personally, I consider this one of the greatest tools I have worked on in my whole career.

This tool helps throughout the whole moving process and experience. From providing assistance to finding the right moving company for your move, to what to do to be ready for your move day using the week by week moving guides. It also provides tips and articles that help people settling in after their move.

One of the best things is the Moving Checklist which is automatically generated, but it can be edited with custom tasks and reminders. It can be viewed nice from any screen size and the list can be printed with just the information needed to keep track of what is at hand and coming ahead.

"City Lander"

"City Lander" was a project that focused on creating landing pages for the cities with the highest traffic and lead generation.

This tool provides data on most recent moves to and from any of those cites, as well as, a list of top movers. It also provides city data and content about their most popular neighbrhoods.

IGT GlassHardware, Inc

Letting South Florida know that IGT was here!

Although this company was known locally among its faithful buyers at the time, back in 2011, its name, products and services were not known as well as they should have been.

What was done? More like, what was needed? A website was needed. A simple, functional and useful site was what was needed to help get their name, products and services out there.

A website gave other companies the opportunity to know IGT and try out their products. Physical catalogs could be requested by clicking a few buttons, and orders could be fullfilled online.

This resulted in increasing their traffic and their yearly sales by a great margin.

Simplifying User/Buyers Experience

One of the main problems when it came to sales was that sometimes customers had to wait in line for a long time.

When the website was developed, an online catalog was developed as well to show users what was available and to expedite their orders if they were ordered online.

It took some time to get all clients on board with this new technology, but it paid off. Before the benefits of the online catalog, taking care of a client in house would take approximately 30 min to 1 hour. This resulted in other paople wating too long and in the end losing some sales. Now, to wait less time and get taken care faster, all they had to do was submit their orders online. By the time the made it to the store, taking care of them would only take 5 to 10 minutes.


Years passed and this company continued its path into greater success.

I was presented with an offer to purchase GLASSHARDWARE.COM for $32,000 USD, offer that I presented to IGT's owner. As a Web Developer involved in increasing sites SEO and traffic, I explained the benefits of owning such domain. The owner was happy about the benefits, but not the asking price.

A negotiation started and its result a success. The domain was bought for a fraction of the asking price and this new name open the door to reaching new levels fo this company to go national.

Back in 2011, IGT-GLASSHARDWARE.COM traffic range from 20 to 50 visitors a month. Nowadays, its traffic ranges from 1200 - 1600 visitors a month, and it is still growing.


Due to its continued growth, many changes, upgrades, and simplifications have had to be implemented.

This is still a work in progress and its peak has not been seen yet.

Esencia Concierge, Inc

"Please leave us a review"

Tampa's #1 concierge services company needed to extent their client base. They wanted to serve not only property managers, but residents as well.

One of Esencia's main service is to host events for property managers and that's when the idea was born. Esencia employees ask attendees to leave a review after an event. On the reviews form, users were asked if they wanted to receive email notifications from Esencia regarding their services. Most users opted which resulted in the possibility of becoming potential clients.

Employee Time Cards

What company doesn't have issues with time cards? Most of them. Esencia was not the exception, however, a solution was provided.

An app was developed so that employees could access it either from their mobile devices or computers and easily report their hours with location, date, and comments included. The benefits were seen almost inmediately

Time card reports were accurate and helped coordinate and schedule jobs better than before.

Avoiding Disputes - Photo Reports

As it is the case with any company that provides services and needs proof of what they have done whether good or bad.

In order to provide a better experience an excellent customer services to property management companies, photo reports are sent every time a job is completed. It provides date, time, location, unit, service provided, pictures, and comments. It is in real time.

This tool has become one of Esencia's greatest selling tools.

Admin and Services Panel

As the company grew and their services expanded and more employees were needed, a control panel had to be created.

This administration tools manages reports, client directories, client proposals, employee directories and much more.

Amatysta Store

Services Expanded to Better Serve Our Clients

Due to the number of clients that required our services, a store had to be developed.

Any client/user can go an create an account and purchase domains, emails, hosting, SSL, and any other products that may be required to create a website or application.

Dr. Isabel Alacán

Active Family Counseling

Dr. Isabel Alacán, a public figure in south Florida, found the need to have her services and content promoted online. This website was developed back in 2012 and now it has a steady traffic of about 1000 people a month.

Developing site for Dr. Isabel Alacán helped get her name and psychology therapies out there and increased ratings for her morning radio show.

Promoting Isabel's Content on YouTube

Due to its high traffic and good content, her YouTube channel can now be seen from her site without leaving it.

Other Projects

4DV Marketing Agency

Pembroke Pines Charter Elementary - FSU PTA


Spain Ceramic Tiles